Can LinkedIn Tell You What Your Salary Should Be?


There are a lot of changes happening with LinkedIn right now, and more to come, so watch this space!

The latest new feature to roll out in the US, Canada, and the UK is a salary calculator called LinkedIn Salary.

“Earlier this year, LinkedIn emailed members asking them to anonymously disclose their salaries”, said Ryan Sandler, a product manager. “In exchange, they were given insight into what peers in their fields are making. For example, a software engineer with a master’s degree may not earn more money than someone without one. More than a million salaries were collected”, Sandler said.

“We do ingest other publicly available data sources from governments or public job listings just to help in some of our accuracy detection algorithms, but the data that we display back is just from members.” he added.

Comparisons can also be done based on location which will aid job seekers considering geographical moves.

Here is an introduction video from LinkledIn about the tool

For Premium members the tool is available without having to enter your own salary details. For free members, there is an initial introduction to the first page of results before having to enter your own salary details , but it’s probably likely this will become a limited access, paid feature or premium only access.

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