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Top20under20_logo This time of year is always one of my favourite from a business point of view (as well as normally because summer has arrived – although it seems to keep disappearing this year!).

Today was the annual awards ceremony for Canada's Top 20 Under 20 and each year for the past few years I am invited in to meet with the recipients and deliver a personal brand workshop for them

Meeting this group is one of the most inspiring and humbling experiences at once – inspiring because you can see what's possible when you set you mind to it, humbling because we all too often make excuses for not getting even the simplest of things done and then you read what they have been able to do – quite often just with a belief and a passion. They really are being true personal brands.

My workshop held at Bell's head office in Mississauga was I believe again well received, the award winners were engaged, questioning and having some fun too – and why not! We had some interesting discussions and all too soon the 2 hours was gone and they were on to the next event – a jam packed week to be sure. 

The Globe & Mail ran a piece in today's newspaper and you can link to it here Top 20 Under 20 and see what the future leaders of Canada are doing.

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