Canadians – Have your vote now – What do you think are the personal brands of the leaders?


The first week of the recently announced election here in Canada has been an interesting start to the campaign and already people are starting to compare the leaders personalities and styles as potentailly being the determining factor as to who wins and loses.

Each party is playing to the personal brand of the leader to varying degrees, either seeing it as a strength or potentially a liability and based on what has been happening already it will be interesting to observe how this develops over the coming further four weeks.

But most of what we are relying on are the opinions of experts, either from the media or the various PR, marketing and strategists that each party employs, when really what matters is what Canadians who get to vote think.

So what are your perceptions of the personal brands of each leader?

Would you like to know what others think too?

Well now you have that opportunity. Using our unique online anonymous personal brand assessment tool you can let us know what you think of each leaders personal brand and see how what you think compares to everyone else who responds in a detailed report which we will post on each leader before the election.

The assessment takes just a few minutes to complete and asks what your perceptions of the particular leaders personal brand are using a few questions, there is even room at the end for extra comments if you feel so inclined.

All you need to to to get started is to scroll down to a leaders picture and send an e-mail to the one by their name with Personal Brand Leadership in the subject title. We will then send you a unique login and password to complete the assessment on that leader. You can complete an assessment for each leader.

All the responses are collated together and once the final reports are published we will let you know and you can see if the rest of the country agrees with you! 

We look forward to receiving your assessment and lets have a little fun in this election!!!

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2 thoughts on “Canadians – Have your vote now – What do you think are the personal brands of the leaders?”

  1. Hi Paul,
    Very cool! It was funny as I have seen the campaign pictures I thought that a few of them needed to pick a different one. The pictures send a message before they even open their mouth.
    One says surprised to me and another one looks smug. I say this with no political leaning whatsoever since I can’t vote in this election.
    I’ll let you figure those out yourself.

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