Catch That Pigeon

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If you don't have a blog yet, you are really getting left behind – a flock of pigeons is getting in to blogging accoriding to an article in todays Globe & Mail

How do they type with those claws?

It sometimes seems as though everyone has a blog — after all, tracks more than 20 million of them. And now the
blogosphere isn't even restricted to humanoids any more: New Scientist
magazine says that a flock of pigeons
will soon be posting information to their blog via miniature cell-phone
transmitters carried in tiny backpacks, along with a GPS transmitter to
broadcast their exact location. But they won't be blogging about their
favourite boy-bands or high-school crushes — they will be relaying
pollution-related information from sensors that are also included in
their backpacks. Thanks to digital cameras carried around their necks,
they will also be able to post photos to their blog. What, no Mp3 files
to download?

Get blogging!

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