Changes Are Coming to LinkedIn…………Watch this space!

Last week I mentioned that there are a lot of changes happening with LinkedIn and several people asked what news I could share.

This is a link to the replay of LinkedIn’s press announcement about 3 weeks ago.

The news that will probably impact you the most, is that the look and feel of your profile and the features associated with your account will be changing, in some cases quite significantly.

A LinkedIn expert in the UK, Mark Williams, has a hugely informative podcast, LinkedInformed, and in episode 135 he covers many of the new areas. You can listen to the podcast and see the shownotes with plenty of screen shots by clicking here.  You can also hear his thoughts on the redeign when it was first announced by clicking here.   I certainly recommend subscribing to his podcast if LinkedIn is important to you.

In the meantime the bottom line is that there is not a lot you can do until the new design appears on your account. As with most changes, LinkedIn rolls these out, and no-one knows who and where the next roll out will be. Let me know if you already have it, I am still waiting.

Once I do get the new look I will be doing a series of tips on the changes and what you need to focus on when it comes to your personal brand.

Do you have a LinkedIn question? Contact me and I will find the answer for you and may even include it in an upcoming tip.

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