How to Curate Good Content to Share Later on LinkedIn

One of the challenges in using LinkedIn is that you need to be sharing information that has value or is interesting to your network and those you are trying to influence.

But often when you come across a useful website or article you are not logged into LinkedIn or you are on the go or have something else you are doing and do not want to distract yourself from that task.

Digitally there are some tools that help you share it immediately or set it up for posting later, like Hootsuite or Buffer, But the challenge might be that you don’t have time to fully read it to know if there is value or you want to be able to take the time and add your own insights or thoughts before sharing.

Really you want to be able to ‘fold the corner’ and come back to it later.

A useful tool that can be used to do that is Pocket. You can put articles, videos or pretty much anything into Pocket, save it to look at later when you have the time. And once it’s in Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet or computer. You don’t even need an Internet connection.

The app has an advertised supported version or a premium version that gives you more features and no advertising. Either way, it’s a very useful tool to curate what you come across, revisit it when you have time to consume it and then if it’s going to be helpful to others you can share it and provide value to your network.

Get Pocket by clicking here. 

This post is part of a series looking at useful apps that can help you with your use of Linkedin.

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NOTE: LinkedIn have been addressing the use of certain data scraping tools and updated their terms and conditions recently including this statement under LinkedIn Dont’s;

Develop or support software, devices, scripts, robots or any other means or processes to scrape our Services or otherwise copy profiles and other data from our Services.

Certain plugins and extensions may violate LinkedIn’s terms and conditions of use. As such you should always check if the tool you are going to use adheres to their policy. Read full policies by clicking here – LinkedIn User Agreement

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