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Fellow masterminder and business coach Chris Barrow has an interesting blog post – A New Definition of Marketing – about the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK and their decision to try and redefine marketing.

It really does bring home why we are seeing such shifts in the whole branding and marketing approach – the consumer is now such an integral part of the mix and how they are treated, spoken to and interacted with now directly affects the success (or failiure) of a brand.

Now take that for a moment and think about your own personal brand. It is not just about what you are doing to communicate it but also how you are doing it and the impact it has on your target audience that determines if it is embraced or rejected – or something in between.

I am expecting to see in 2008 a surge of more people actively loking to manage their personal brands, taking many more pro-active steps and actions to ensure that they are reflected correctly and in turn moving in the direction that they want to go.

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