Did you see this new LinkedIn posting feature?

LinkedIn can be a frustrating beast at the best of times.

The platform has numerous glitches and errors that need addressing, some of them have been going on for months. And then on the other hand they launch a new feature which you have to question the purpose or the value of, like this latest one in the posting into your newsfeed.

This is being rolled out fairly rapidly so you likely already have it. The posting options now have nice looking icon circles to indicate an image or video and now they have added documents.


I can understand having that option in messaging, which we already do, but in what circumstances would you want to be trying to share a document in your newsfeed?

This seems a recipe for people to put the sales brochures and marketing documents that they think we want to read without ever asking us if we are interested. Or maybe even worse…………RESUMES!

I hope it doesn’t happen, but I am not holding my breath. Let me know if you think otherwise or you see some examples of this being used well.

When you are looking to post content the text only posts still seem to be working the best, images get likes and video appears to get good engagement too. But I would suggest steering clear of the documents.

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