Do You Exist On Line?

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The phrase goes – "If you are not on Google do you really exist?"

I was delivering a workshop yesterday to a group of unemployed professionals at HAPPEN and it was quite evident that the job seeker of today continues to face many challenges in securing their next position that professionals and executives have faced for years.

According to recent recruiter surveys by Recruiters World –

  • 73% find it useful to browse social networking sites for candidate information
  • 76% say job board scouring alone will not yield the best candidates
  • 80% say the best way to find candidates is through referrals

Other surveys have found that 23% of business people are Googling before meeting and 75% of recruiters are Googling candidates – AND – rejecting up to 35% of them based on what they find out about them on line.

The networking approach is still obviously very valid and relevant today – but technology is rapidly changing the way we approach job seeking and we have to make sure that we are both on line and what is being said about us is good and if it is not – we need to know about it.

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