Do You Have a Personal Brand Day?

“Cry God for Harry, England and St George!” – William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act III

st george 2


You have no doubt heard of the saying “The cobblers children never have shoes” 

In my personal brand coaching and consulting with clients I often recommend that they pick a day that means something to their brand and that they can use to make contact with their network at least once a year.  I usually advise them not to pick the usual days that everyone else does like Christmas or Thanksgiving.   But just like the cobbler I never had chosen my own day. Until this month – St Georges Day.

St George is the patron saint of England and April 23rd is St Georges Day, one of my Dad’s favourite days, he was a very patriotic Englishman.  He always added an English flag lapel pin and his half sovereign cuff links with St George slaying the dragon.  It seems very fitting that this becomes my personal brand day. Next year I plan a bigger celebration.

Question: What would be your personal brand day and why?

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