Do You Volunteer?

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Nea I was very proud to have received an award of excellence last week at the Career Professionals of Canada conference – "Outstanding Volunteer Contributor to the Community, sponsored by The Employers Choice.

In the last two weeks I have been to both the Career Masters Institute and the Career Professionals of Canada conferences. The one big takeway for me from both is the strong sense of community from people who in many senses are competitors.

My associate and friend Martin Buckland, one of the top resume writers, says there is no such thing as competition – its co-opertition.

But in many associations and vocations that would just not fit or sit with many. Ask yourself the question if your approach is blocking opportunity to collaborate rather than compete.

At CPC I also got the chance to deliver a workshop on networking using many of the tips and suggestions from Keith Ferrazzi's book – Never Eat Alone which received some great feedback and we took a photo that we are going to send to his blog – hopefully for publication.

(Photo courtesy of Karen Shane and Career Professionals of Canada.)

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