Does Your Business Have Klout?

Someone quoted the other day that the amount of information being generated each day is greater than the last several thousand years combined!


Regardless of whether that is true or not, the biggest challenge for all of us is finding the time to seek out the relevant information and consume it. This is why services such as Klout are becoming increasingly popular and they represent a great opportunity for your business.

Many of your customers or clients may have the time to consume the information BUT they just do not have the time to find it in the first place. Previously Klout just measured reactively your influence across your social networks. It then gives you an influence score which rises or falls on your activity. And you had to do the heavy lifting by finding all that information to share in dozens even hundreds of different spots.

Now the new look Klout enables you to proactively curate and push that relevant information out from one place.  It also lets you know what is trending and what other pieces of information is popular with others.

This means that in just a few minutes a day you can appear to all your networks as really having your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your industry or space.

There are a number of other sites and services that allow you to do the same thing. So although the interface of Klout is clean and user friendly the challenge for them is still to stand out and appear different enough that you are going to use them. If you like keeping score then that may be enough for you to want to use them.

My Klout score today is 53 – what’s yours?

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