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I am currently working with the author of this book, Lisa Nirell, as my coach and really enjoying her guidance, mentoring and challenging. Much of what I am delving in to is covered in part by her book.

At last a business coaching book that understands the challenges entrepreneurs face at various levels of their business growth and offers practical, realistic and challenging solutions to stimulate action and moving forward. Lisa Nirell has written from a point of experience and lessons learned, both in her own career and business as well as with the many small and mid- size clients she has worked with in building the businesses they want. I loved that each chapter was full of logical steps to solve the various problems encountered – but there was also the mind set of reality checks and balances.

A massive proponent of delivering value based business and avoiding 'commodity mindset' the Chapters 7 & 8 about the 'Dashboard' are written around defining what stage of growth you are at and then defining the relevant measures are golden, and worth purchasing the book just for this wisdom. But there is so much more. A surprise for me was that there is an Eastern philosophy theme that particularly comes thorugh in the chapter about your Wealth Quotient – sometimes its not about the revenues and the next $.

A well structured and thought through book, it can be easily read, but might take a little longer to master – definitely one that you will want to add to the bookshelf and return to on a regular basis – my pages are already marked and margins written in and will continue to be added to. One piece I felt missing was a final summary chapter, but this does not detract from the book and there are also additional downloads and resources from her website that just add to the value.

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