Everybody’s Got Talent – Are people noticing yours?

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Given the plethora of TV shows – everybody's got talent.

One of the fun activities at our recent family camp was 'Talent Night'. Whilst it is generally arranged for the children to participate, we could not resist. We ended up delivering a re-worked version of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" based on the camp.

We managed to stay on stage! But will not be threatening LMFAO's status anytime soon! They certainly have a distinct sound, look and feel – their brand, their talent.

Can you say the same about your personal brand?

Three things to consider about your personal brand to showcase your talent;

1. How can you communicate a distinct sound?

Think of the Intel chip or Rogers Communications and the way that their brands are recognised in part by the musical notes that end any advertisements they are in. For you it could be your accent or how you emphasise certain words or phrases.

2. How is your brand reflected in your image?

Cut off shorts and leopard pants are likely not what you would wear. But there are very simple ways to stand out using a particular colour or recognised piece of clothing or jewellery worn consistently.

3. What do people feel when they interact with your brand?

Everyone has a unique essence to their brand. It is often hard to put your own words to it, but ask five people who know you well about words they would use to describe you. Likely you will see a pattern or similarities and then can think about how best to communicate that essence.

Marty Neumier talks about the 'Charismatic Brand' – a product or service for which people feel there is no substitute, the same should apply to your personal brand.

People are always looking for talent, but you need to get noticed. Having a distinct sound, look and feel will help you stand out for the right reasons in a sea of noise.

What do you do to communicate your talent?

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