Facebook & Personal Branding

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The 'discussion' continues with another on line article at the Globe & Mail about the negative aspects of Facebook and personal branding.

Having been interviewed by both the Toronto Star and National Post recently on the whole subject of building a personal brand on line this is becoming a very hot topic as people start to look for new ways to connect and share information.

Its best to look at the whole subject with two hats on;

1. What personal brand do you want to be known for professionally? How do you want to be seen on line by those who might hire you? Then make a plan to ensure that all you do on line reflects that brand authentically.

2. How do you want to connect and network socially? How much personal information are you prepared to share? Make a separate plan that addresses this and make sure if you are using public access sites like Facebook that you have all the necessary filters in place.

Finally be mindful of the fact that applications and additions you download to your computer like alexa rankings or to portals like Facebook are being used to gather information about your web habbits and preferences – there is no value in this unless it is going to make money – its business, not personal.

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