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As you go about your daily activity on LinkedIn (you are doing that daily aren’t you?), you come across a profile of someone that is of interest to you. They might be a hiring manager, a recruiter or someone you think you might be able to do business with.

But the challenge is they are not a connection. You look through their profile and find you have no shared connections. They are too far removed from you to send a Message and you have no InMails you can use.

How do you get in touch? 

The answer could be…… ‘Prophet’.

Prophet is an extension in your Chrome browser that gives you the power to uncover emails, phones and other social sites for most any social profile. Prophet goes beyond what can be found on the web by using an advanced engine to predict and verify contact information.  Click here to sign up

Look at the image at the top of this note. This is a LinkedIn profile for recruiter for a bank in the Middle East. I am not connected to them or anywhere close.  With one click of the ‘Find email’ button, Prophet searched and found two sources for their email, verified it and then displayed it.

No more googling, trawling websites etc, one click, there. 

Be smart with how you use this. Don’t abuse the information, you still need to reach out with a valid reason for wanting to contact the person, but now at least you can do it way more quickly and get on with the important part of networking.

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