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Thanks for listening to the podcast at Entrepreneur on Fire and heading on over here. Personal branding must be important to you for you to listen all the way to the end so I really appreciate your stopping by.

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So first things first as promised on the podcast. One of the most critical aspects of understanding the core foundation of your personal brand is clearly stating AND defining your Values. You can do all of that by downloading the EvalYOUation assessment right here:  EvalYOUation Exercise

I encourage you to sign up on the right hand side and get access to the Personal Brand Starter Kit – this includes details on how to access the online personal brand assessment, the values exercise (EvalYOUation) and also the various types of elevator pitches from Dan Pink, plus two bonus exercises and assessments for working on your personal brand and finding your rebel voice.

Below are some other recommended books / reading;

Tom Peters – Brand You 50

A Whole New Mind – Dan Pink – the new world of work explained.

Drive – Dan Pink – what motivates people at work.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 – Tom Rath – identify your top 5 unique strengths.

Never Eat Alone – Keith Ferrazzi – great book on networking

It would be great to continue the conversation beyond today and stay in touch. You can chose how you wish to do that in several ways;

1. Let me know how I can help, just reach out and ask, I love making connections.

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5. If your organization or one you know would be interested in hearing my message I would really appreciate the introduction.

Wishing you continued, brandtastic success and take care.




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