Goals are your guiding light


One of my key goals this year is to do more speaking across North America and beyond as I believe that 2011 is a year many people will be ready to take control of their careers and lives more than ever before, personal branding can help them do that. So this week I am in Las Vegas and getting an opportunity to speak at one of the huge conferences that are held here and get to see a city that I have never experienced before.

That key goal of speaking more came about as part of my annual review process, in December I do three important things that get me ready for the next year;

  1. I take two days away from my business as a review and planning retreat. The objective is to take some time to look at what has gone on in the year, compare it to other years past, but more importantly see how I did against my plan that I drew up the year before. It also gives me an opportunity to look at the work I did and ask the following;

a. What did I enjoy doing this year?

i) Why was that?

ii) Do I want to do more of that next year?

iii) How can I find more work like this?

b. What was more of an effort this year?

i) Why was that?

ii) What could I have done to change that?

iii) Do I want to be doing less of this next year?

c. What was a good fit for the business at the right level and can do again next year?


2. I meet for 1-2 days with some close business colleagues in a type of mastermind group setting and we review each others businesses and plans, offer ideas, critique and some accountability.

This is a very powerful exercise, because it really sets my business on a desired path from the start of the new year.

3. The third thing is to make sure I take the holiday season off as much as possible, to spend time with my family, recharge, but also to reflect on that review process and double check that it is still relevant come the new year.

Well my passion for personal branding remains strong, I really love what I do and what it can do for others. So going forward in 2011 I am looking to do the following:

  • More opportunities to deliver keynotes and workshops to corporations, associations and conferences around the world so that more people become aware of the importance of personal branding. Over the last year I have worked with a number of corporations including Research in Motion, Scotiabank and Enbridge, spoken at many different associations and conferences and further details can be obtained at my speaking website www.paulcopcutt.com
  • Help more people who are interested in the subject of personal branding and want some assistance with the process. To do this I am consciously reducing the number of one on one clients that I work with, which whilst rewarding limit the number I can reach in any given time, and establishing more collaborative group programs in association with a number of associates.
  • Have various types of self directed programs that mean more people can tap in to the personal branding process and not let time or means restrict their access. These will be available in various formats.

Much of my work over the last few years has involved working with women and moving forward that focus is going to be even more, so the primary groups that I will be working with are women professionals, executives and business owners, the teams they lead and the corporations that hire them.

If you would like to know more, please contact me directly and we can set up a time to discuss further.

I hope that your own planning and review process helps you remain excited about what you do or identify something new that you are passionate about and want to get involved in.

Wishing you a successful, healthy and happy new year.

2 thoughts on “Goals are your guiding light”

  1. Paul, a very useful planning process that we should all follow. As I write blogs I find myself only talking about aspects of my business where I have enjoyed success and the creative process.see http://prodigm.ca/index.php/blog.html to see what I mean.
    We are having a lot more fun since we decided that people needed holes, not drills! We realized that our joy came from seeing a business grow and thrive based on our combination of software and advice.

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