What’s your next job in the tech sector?

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In some areas of products and services the technology sector is booming, in others it is going…..going….gone – FAST.

I have attended a couple of local events recently that highlighted a very innovative and growing tech hub in the Hamilton area – there is a new smartphone app from Snap Pay for example that enables anyone to take credit card payments in seconds . One presentation from Pipeline Studios (a highly successful cartoon house) informed us of one of the best kept secrets, that Canada is the largest producer of digital content for TV in the world!

This is all great news. Unfortunately this past week we have also seen the bad news associated with tech companies that were not able to keep up, were too big (or too slow) or just missed the opportunity and catch up was the worst game to play. This past week we saw thousands expected to be let go at RIM and HP announcing 27,000 lay offs.

Three things that you can learn from this for your career, regardless of the industry.

  1. Never settle for what you have. You cannot afford to stay where you are in terms of skills and strengths. You have to be continually looking to add to your portfolio of experience and knowledge. What is in demand today is tomorrows forgotten role.
  2. Remain flexible and open to new ways of doing things. The next best thing (or person) is just around the corner. They have figured out how to do things faster, smarter etc. They may not always be right, but when they are be ready to make a switch in the way you do things to stay ahead.
  3. Cut bait and run. Sometimes you have tried everything you know and more and it is just evident you have either missed the boat or run out of steam. Know when its time to quit. Not from just a quitting point but so that your energy and resources can be directed to another area that makes more sense and is a better use of your time.

Now go make today a brand YOU day.

2 thoughts on “What’s your next job in the tech sector?”

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