Gordon Ramsay – Kitchen Nightmares

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A_ramsay I thought that I was going to have Trump – The Apprentice withdrawls as the series draws to a close – and this is the final series apparently.

But no – I have found a replacement! Gordon Ramsay.

If you do not know him, he is a foul mouthed, loud and in your face celebrity chef, who is one of the top UK chefs. I watched his previous program – Hells Kitchen, but this 'new' one Kitchen Nightmares is way more interesting and eye opening.

The program is from the UK and was shown there last year and just making it to the Food Network. It's all about failing restaurants and Ramsay comes in for a week to try and turn them around. Be warned the approach AND especially the language is no holds barred, but certainly entertaining and some great lessons to be learned for all small business owners – WATCH THIS SPACE!

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