Part of My Personal Brand is Canadian – Eh!! – Happy Canada Day!

When I arrived in Canada, 20 years ago today, I did not expect to ever embark on an entrepreneurial journey and my roller coaster of life, but would I change it? – probably not.

An Englishman’s day is in April – St George’s Day which celebrates the patron Saint of England. Although after our exit from the Euro 2016 Football Championships there is little celebrating going on at home.  That coupled with the Brexit vote last week and some people feel that should be the UK’s Independence Day!! As I get closer to living in Canada for almost as many years as I did in England I am torn between St. George’s Day and Canada Day.  

Canada Day always leaves me grateful for many things that my now adopted home and native land has offered me;


  • –  Children – Two wonderful children who are true, caring and loving Canadians.
  • A – Appreciation – An appreciation of a diverse nation, open and welcoming and rich in multi-culture.
  • N – New – New people and opportunities that present themselves everyday.
  • A – Acceptance – Accepting of all races, genders, and choices.
  • D – Diplomacy – A national that is sometimes derided for apologizing, when actually it is seeking the right solution for all.
  • –  Anthem – The changing this year of Canada’s national anthem to gender neutral language really does underline a nation and the people that we really are in this 21st century



Do you have a specific day that you celebrate and is part of your personal brand?

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