To People Who Want To Review Your Year – But Can’t Get Started


For the last week the kids and I have been at the YMCA Family camp. It’s a vacation we take each year and has become something of a tradition. In fact this year my son had a chance to go with a school friend on a Caribbean vacation at the same time. He declined saying he could not miss family camp!

Activities are the watch word at the camp. Every day, from 7.30 am to 9 pm, you can fill almost every minute with something. There is so much to do from yoga to high rope climbing in the trees to sailing to arts, crafts and games. Although there is never an expectation that you have to do anything, everyone gets in to the camp spirit, culminating in a talent night and the final ‘Beach Day’. Often, apart from meal times, I might not see the kids all day!

And there is always more than enough food to eat!

In the modern day Maslow’s hierarchy of needs he would most likely have to now include internet access, in some teenagers minds that might even come above food! So what I really like about the whole week is that there is no wi-fi at camp and cell phone reception can be patchy. Although the creep of closer cell towers means gone are the days when parents had to lean out from the dock to get a signal!

Technology does not dominate the day and we make the camp our unofficial unplugged week! There is a lot to be said about reducing all our screen times, a recent article in the New York Times highlighted the dangers of over exposure for children. Screen Addition Is Taking It’s Toll on Children. It is even an issue being medically addressed, all be it rather drastically, in China.

Although I am avoiding technology too I am still carrying a running injury, mobility for some of the camps activities was limited this year. The week for me was also an opportunity to review my half-year, both personally and professionally. Before the start of each year, to varying degrees of intensity, I have taken time to plan out my year and set some goals.

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry] “

Robert Burns

Apart from the fact that early in July was the official half way through the year point, the main reason for a review for me is that my son has now moved back with me full time, so planning and operating my business by necessity will have a different look and feel given the needs of a 15 year olds life and almost full time single parenting.

Looking forward to the rest of 2015 and beyond, the three main areas of focus of my business are going to be;

  • Continue to seek out paid speaking opportunities with like-minded organizations and associations.
  • Develop more 1:1 client work that can predominantly be worked on remotely.
  • Design and deliver online programs and products that reduce my personal input after initial development.

And after helping plan and organize a TEDx event, TEDxKingStWomen – running events is also something that is on my radar. I do not want it to be a bright shiny object or a distraction but I have received great feedback and requests for more of these types of events so I will be exploring it further.

Have you done a half-year review of where you are at in your business or career?

Here are three steps to take;

1.Review and reflect how the first 6 months has gone. What has gone well and where do you still need to focus? What parts did you enjoy and others that you dreaded? What parts, goals and focus needs to be tweaked or re-set.

2.Find a Buddy. Talk this all through with someone. This could be a spouse, significant other, best friend or someone else you trust and value their insight – but most importantly their listening skills. Take them through your half-year. You will celebrate success and acknowledge shortfalls. Then you will be ready for the rest of the year

3.Set intentions and accountability. Use the buddy or someone else to keep you on track for the next 6 months. Set up a regular check in to review progress, celebrate wins and ask for the occasional push.

I will keep you posted occasionally with how the rest of my year is going and I would love to know what you are going to be doing and how it is going too.

Wishing you brandtastic success.

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