Have You Given Away A Sample Recently?

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Our local IKEA in Burlington this week did an analysis of their customer base by postcode (if you have ever shopped at IKEA they always ask you for your postcode) and discovered that a high number came from the Hamilton area.

So early yesterday morning they dispatched 7 employees dressed in IKEA bright yellow tops to downtown Hamilton and proceeded to give away $14,000 (probably about the cost of a full page ad in the Hamilton Spectator) in $20 gift certificates.

Needless to say they gained plenty of press coverage and also stimulated people to come out of their offices as the 'buzz' of the promotion spread. Chances are not everyone will go to spend their certificates before the expiry date of a the end of the month – but do you think they got $14,000 worth of advertising and goodwill?

In your career or small business what are you doing to give people a sample of what you have to offer?

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