Here we go again…….

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I've been there before
And I'll try it again
But any fool knows
That there's no way to win

Ray Charles

So we see that yet another senior executive has potentially lied about their
qualifications and the shareholders (down 54% since the news broke in early 
December) get to feel the impact. The SEC is now going to examine the 
case of CEO James Peterson of Microsemi Corp.
See story here
The company has opted to retain Mr Peterson because of his "great value
and strategic vision". The company has determined he didn't earn a 
bachelors degree or MBA, he is still denying the claim. They have fined him, 
stopped his annual bonus and curtailed his stock options – would that not be 
the least you expected if you had lied on your resume?

I start to sound more like my Dad every day – but in my day in corporate 
people got fired for a lot less.
But the case highlights a much deeper concern in the current economy 
and climate of accountablity and perceived greed. What message are you 
sending to the employees of the company when you condone such 
behaviour? If true, what does this say about Mr Peterson and his values?
What does that say to the unemployed job seeker?
Withdraw your candidacy if you made an error in calculating your taxes, 
but if you lied about your education – GO FOR IT!

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