High $ + High IP = Strategy, Low $ + Generic Offerings = Tactics

Usually this formula applies. I jotted it down in my Moleskine after a conversation the other day with Robert Lavigne, The Social Business Mentor. it was a very clarifying conversation.



Then it occurred to me that other people might benefit from Robert’s ability to really quickly distill what is being discussed in to clarity, direction and action.  I like conversations with Robert because they are interesting, his questions are well thought out and he genuinely is interested in not just what you have to say but how to make better sense of it and then use it.

So he has kindly offered an initial 45 minute mentoring session for just $42 – yes $42 (you can read all about the significance of Robert and the number 42 here). he will make an offer to take further sessions with him and there is an affiliate arrangement – everything is explained on the sign up page here.  To be totally honest even if there was not an affiliate arrangement I would still recommend you take a look.

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