Honesty (and consistency) is the best personal brand policy

This week saw a delay in getting the Tuesday Toonies Worth out – my mistake. I was away speaking at a conference the past few days and for some reason could not access my blog to post todays thought.

No excuses – I should have checked, even better I should have pre-booked the post and made sure that it was all ready to run before I left for the conference. I was pleasantly surprised (and embarrassed) by the number of e-mails I received asking where this morning's post was – even some in person questions from people at the conference.

Consistency is one of the key branding 'C's' that you need to adhere to to maintain a strong personal brand – Clarity of message, Consistency of delivery and Constantcy of working at getting the message out.

Authenticity does not hurt either – so sorry it was late – next week normal service will be resumed!

Do you think the 3 'C's' are important to your personal brand? What about authenticity?

4 thoughts on “Honesty (and consistency) is the best personal brand policy”

  1. Don’t sweat it too much Paul. Just think, if you hadn’t been late, you would not have had this particular content with which to make your point about consistency!
    You also got an opportunity to test the audience. I’ve done that over the years with some reports done by me or my team, where I question the value… just stop doing them, and see if anyone complains. Usually, there is no ripple…

  2. I DO think the 3 C’s are important, and to your point-it’s the constancy that is the most difficult for social networking. I, like many, try to “get to it” and yet, find myself doing much more networking in person. Ah, the net! Gotta love it.

  3. Paul your unique talent is your ability to communicate your philosophy in every situation. You walk your talk.
    In my view 3 Cs are important but no one can remain consistent, constant and clear all the time. We expect, as human being, to be inconsistent, inconstant and unclear some of the time, but then it’s a test of authenticity and we will pass it if we are honest.

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