“Hopefully he’ll be in this job much longer than the last 3 or 4”

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How would you feel if this was how your predecessor introduced you as you took over their role? According to a Business Week article "Can Brian Moynihan Save Bank of America?" , this was exactly how the former CEO Kenneth D. Lewis did and then went on to say,

"Another unique charactersitic about him is that he wanted this job"

Of course Moynihan continues to have his work cut out for him, just this week announcing another 30,000 lay offs as he struggles to correct many of the troubles brought about by the previous CEO, Lewis. 

The one thing that he has been able to do is use more of his personal leadership brand influence in to the running of the bank. Infact it was his one sheet strategic vision that he presented to the board that apparently secured him the CEO role, when he was ranked as a real outside shot – basically it read "Let's get back to banking"

When you are faced with taking on a new role there will be many challenges, particularly if like Moynihan you are taking over a very troubled business. But the key is to remain true to your leadership brand and vision for the business and not fall back to the safe ways of the past or be tempted by the same mistakes. 

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