How accurate is your bio?

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With the news that up to 25% of business people check out someone on the web before they meet them you would think that Reggie Fowler the prospective buyer of the Minnesota Vikings and his PR firm might have been a little more careful with what they put out in his bio.

Fowler who is looking to spend $625 million buying the Vikings has businesses in real estate, aviation, manufacturing and entertainment. His original bio claimed he played in both the NFL and CFL, was in the Little League World Series at age 11 and he had earned a business and finance degree.

It turns out that none of the teams he claimed to have played for have him on the roster and the degree he did get was in social work. The NFL finance committee meets in early March to look in to his financial records that also appear to have some interesting information contained in them.

It just goes to confirm that its best to be telling the truth about your past because you never know when someone will look in to it, more and more firms are spending the extra money for background checking firms to explore potential employees pasts before making the final offer or making the offer subject to satisfactory references – the last thing you need is to resign from a current position and an incomplete past come back to haunt you.

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