How do you communicate your personal brand via social media?


In several discussions with clients recently, the whole area of social media and how they should be thinking about their personal brands has come up.

At a recent presentation by Kevin Durkee of The Jet Star Group, he talked about the fact that the use of social media is "a conversation happening at the speed of light. Also he outlined 20 tips for companies to consider when communicating their brand via social media, many of these can be readily and equally applied to your personal brand:

  1. Be candid and authentic.
  2. Offer a peek behind the scenes.
  3. Automated greetings are a big No No!
  4. Put your website content to work, share buttons.
  5. Be careful what you say about others.
  6. Interact with visitors, really.
  7. Don't try to create a stand in for yourself.
  8. Avoid broken record syndrome, have a communications plan.
  9. Reward customer loyalty.
  10. Make amends with dissatisfied customer, quickly.
  11. Don't go on the defensive.
  12. Keep customers in the loop.
  13. Find potential customers.
  14. See where your customers are.
  15. Let customers help each other out.
  16. Let customers contribute.
  17. Help others promote you.
  18. Find influential people in your industry.
  19. Boost your credibility by helping others.
  20. See what other people are saying about you.

How are you communicating your personal brand via social media?

2 thoughts on “How do you communicate your personal brand via social media?”

  1. 21. Operate in 3rd gear [intrinsic reward], not in 1st gear [narrow self-interest] mode
    e.g. Facebook status in 1st gear
    We are really pleased that we could help our hundreds of clients this week by providing them with amazing solutions and prompt delivery.
    e.g. Facebook status in 3rd gear
    What bothers you the most when dealing with companies like ours? If we could do one thing better, what would it be?

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