How Far Would You Go For Your Employer?

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Came across this story today, reminded me of when my brother went for a job as a money teller for the post office in the UK. One of the interview questions was "If someone came to your window with a gun and demanded money what would you do?"

My brother answered –

  1. Gulp!
  2. Wish I had taken the day off!
  3. Give them the money!

Here's the other way:

Let's hope he got a day off at least:
What would you do if you were confronted by a man with a gun while delivering pizzas? Run away? Hand him all your money, as well as the pies you're supposed to deliver? Not Thomas Stefanelli, a loyal employee with Hungry Howie's Pizza in Tampa, Florida — who we hope has been made employee of the year, if not the millennium. He went to an address to make a delivery and found it was vacant, at which point a man with a gun demanded his money. Instead of dropping the pizzas and handing it over, Tom fought with the gunman, who fired a couple of shots and then fled. A little while later the delivery man noticed he was bleeding from a gunshot wound to his thigh, so he went to his next delivery and called his boss to report the incident. That's not the best part though — then Tom went and made a few more deliveries before heading to the hospital for a checkup. Let's hope Hungry Howie's at least has him up on the Employee of the Month board.

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