How inconsiderate can you be?

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I am currently working on a search for a mid-level sales role and have been spending the whole day screening candidates who on paper had appeared a possible match for the role.

Except now I have a gap in the day, not of my own choosing.

Having spent over 12 years in recruitment in both Canada and the UK I found that getting candidates to book telephone screening appointments and them calling me was a much better solution. Except it continues to amaze me the rude and utter disrespect that some people continue to show.

A candidate takes the time to apply for a position (although its too easy now – one click – application made), I contact them and ask them to book a time for a telephone interview, they reply and we confirm a time….and then……..they do not bother to phone – not even to say they are no longer interested – what are they thinking?

Are they more important? Can they go through life picking and choosing when they want to respond to something? Did they realise that their arrogance has deprived someone else from the opportunity of getting interviewed?

In my early days as a recruiter in the UK I used to tear their resume in half and mail it back to them – petty I know but slightly satisfying – then I used to phone them.

Now they just go in the CT file – Cannot Trust. Perhaps I should post their names on my web site?!

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