How much are you in love with your personal brand?

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If it means something to you or those you love, I hope Valentines day on Sunday was not forgotten?

With love in the air, it's a good time to measure how much you love your own personal brand.

How is it working for you?

If the answer is not so well then very often this can be due to a disconnect between your Values and the impact that perhaps your work, employer, friends, family or business is having on them – or quite often yourself.

Time to take stock and work through realigning those Values. Get clear on what they are, rate them in terms of how you are living them right now and then set some actions and commitments to raising the score on one that might be scoring lower than you would like.

Here is what one person felt after taking a Values exercise – "It forced me to focus on my true priorities, not only intellectually, but realistically and practically. Living my values was the acid test and I realized that my execution was not always consistent."

If you would like to take a complimentary Values exercise for yourself,click here and let me know what you get from it.

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