How to build your personal brand using social media

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This past week I attended a webinar by Chris Brogan, author of a great book with Julien Smith called 'Trust Agents' and Lewis Howes an expert on webinars.

There were three good take aways for me as a small business owner, especially with regards to Google+ which had given up on. I summarised them in a short video that you can watch here. (Apologies the weather was so nice I shot it outside, so it's a little bit windy!)


 How this can be applied to your personal brand;

1. Google+ has some distinct advantages when it comes to showing up on THE search engines. If getting to page 1 of Google is important to you and you are struggling to get there at the moment, Google+ may well be the answer. 

2. Using a webinar format to get across your personal brand could be a very differentiated way to present yourself. This could be as easy as having a few key slides and doing an audio. Even reports could be presented in this format, especially in the global world of work we all live in. 

3. Developing a more regular e-mail communication to your network, perticularly those people that you need to keep in touch with but only a few times a year. Giving them a summary of latest developments in your area of expertise, or subjects important/interesting to them in an e-mail piece could be both memorable and shareable. 

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