Google Image Search a ‘Fake’ LinkedIn Headshot With One Click


New Connection – Real or Fake?

The prevalence of fake profiles on LinkedIn continues to be an issue for many people. My recent article “7 Ways to Spot a False Profile” has raised a lot of comments and shares.

If you haven’t read it yet – click here to do that now

One of the tips I gave talked about downloading the headshot picture and doing a reverse image search on either Google or Tin Eye. But now I have found a faster way for you to do it directly….. from the profile if you use Chrome.

1. Go to the profile that you suspect may be a fake.

2. Hover over the headshot and either with a PC right click the image or with a Mac hit the control button.
Here is a screen shot showing what you should see.

3. In the drop down menu click the Search Google for Image and the wonders of the internet will show you where else you might find this image.

Do be careful as you may see the image appearing under several references to LinkedIn profiles, like this;

This means the potential false profile is already connected to other LinkedIn members and may not in itself mean they are a fake. That is why this is only one step in verifying a new connection, be sure to follow some of the other steps I recommend to decide if its a fake or real.

What do you do to check potential fake profiles?

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