How to easily find out how interested someone is in your LInkedIn profile

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According to LinkedIn the most viewed page that most members check out is the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” page. It is probably not surprising, after all we want to know how interesting we may appear to someone. Especially if its a prospect, hiring manager or recruiter right?

The number of times your profile is viewed by different people is one of the key pieces of data that LinkedIn uses in giving your profile preference in searches. It is what they call part of the ‘interest’ factor.

If you have the basic account you only get to see the last 5 people that looked. With a premium account you can look back as far as 90 days.

But all options do NOT tell you how many times that person may have looked at your profile. Especially if its the same day. 

This is important because;
– They may be comparing you to other people with similar backgrounds.
– You come up in their searches several times and are increasingly of interest to them.
– More than one person has recommended you and they are coming back.

The good news is, there is a solution. ……..At least if you use the Chrome browser. The answer is Profile Views. Click here to download it at no cost. 

This extension saves all your LinkedIn profile views and stores it for you to see the full history at anytime.

Take full advantage of who’s viewed your profile on LinkedIn. This extension saves every individual that viewed your profile. You can;– See beyond the 5 recent views limit
– View full histories of every profile view at any time
– No upgraded profile needed
– Even go beyond the 90 days if you upgrade.

Now if you are not getting the profile views or the repeat visitors to your profile perhaps it needs a review and some improvements. You can get that by clicking here and taking advantage of a video review of your LinkedIn profile.



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