How to Easily Find What Interests You on LinkedIn

Although the new LinkedIn interface has been designed to have a cleaner look and make the whole platform easier to use, the search bar can be an experience in frustration. For searches of people, companies or jobs the search bar seems to work well, most of the time. But in looking for groups or perhaps a slide deck on Slideshare, it really can be a needle in a haystack.

A very useful ‘back-end’ hack is access to LinkedIn’s directory of topics. In just a few clicks you can clearly find main groups of information on your topic of interest, this is really useful if you are looking for articles, groups or perhaps even training via on the subject.

There is even a page for the recently reintroduced hashtags, but this takes a lot of searching to find relevant subjects. Much easier to go to the alphabetical directory.

Choose the letter your subject of interest starts with
Here is the link to the first letter of the directory. 

Then home in on the area that you want, the topics are all ranges within the letter

And then select down to your specific topic

Then you can scroll through the various areas of that topic, people, training, articles, etc.

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