How To Get The Career (and life) You Want

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Amacstylin Meet Amber MacArthur (or her blog name Amber Mac), she was the lunchtime keynote at the TECH 2006 conference yesterday.

She was a perfect second speaker for the event, young, confident, dynamic and extremely passionate about technology and her career in IT. She is the example of where careers are heading in the 21st century having already had a number of different experiences in a variety of roles – all linked and related in someway – but very much following or going with the flow of opportunity and excitment of the project versus and more conservative planned career approach.

Not to say that her career is not progressing having just recently started as the New Media Specialist for CITY TV and CP24 in Toronto.

Her list of five – how to get the career and life you want – was simple, clear and bang on for the audience.

  1. Be Brave – don't feed the bears or your fears
  2. Know yourslef – don't live other peoples dreams, live your own.
  3. Stay connected – relationships are the key to success
  4. Be creative – make things happen
  5. Do what you love – don't settle, find what makes you happy and do it.

Great advice.

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