How to Initiate Instant Conversations on LinkedIn

The constant challenge for Linkedin is to increase engagement on the platform and keep users on there longer;

  • Less than 25% of members are on the platform on a monthly basis – just over 100 million
  • The average user is on LinkedIn 17 minutes a week (or month depending on who you read) – by contrast, Facebook is 17 times a day!!
  • Almost 60% access LinkedIn via mobile

The new user interface has created a lot of negative reaction, but slowly the ‘disappeared’ features are returning and new exciting developments are also happening.

Like Messaging.

According to LinkedIn Messaging has seen a 40% year-over-year growth in terms of engagement, growing to over 60 million interactions each week. More than 50% of LinkedIn’s active members use the feature each week

Starting last week the Messaging app on LinkedIn has been enhanced significantly and is now appearing to the right at the bottom of your screen on the desktop version and will follow you where ever you go on the platform.  If you do not see this below on your account yet it is coming soon, promise!!

This should make for faster connections to others and not require you to click away from the main news feed page to go to the messaging page.

However, one really neat feature is being able to see who you might be connected to can reach out to if there is an update or company you are interested in.  When I clicked on some recent news about Honeywell, for example, that can up in my feed this is how the messaging app changed on my desktop.

Messaging immediately highlighted 4 people I could potentially message about the company.

This should make for much more opportunities for engagement and hopefully encourage greater use of the platform on a more regular basis.

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