How to share content directly from a LinkedIn Pulse article

Highlight pulse text

Pulse is one of the most useful areas on the LinkedIn platform to read longer form articles, thought leaders and find useful insights and information. For some bizarre reason LinkedIn decided a few weeks ago to ‘hide’ the Pulse channel and I shared how to now find it, – read Are You Getting the Full Story on LinkedIn?

Hopefully you are now regularly reading various articles (including mine 🙂 – which you can access here).

Previously when you found an interesting snippet that you wanted to share on LinkedIn or make in to a quick Tweet you had to copy the relevant piece and then either stop reading the article, open a new tab and post as an update or go to Twitter or copy and paste in to notes or word and then share later. The trouble was that did not help me if I saw it later because unless you coped the web page url too I was not able to find the rest of the article.

Now the new and improved Pulse allows you to share the snippet directly from the page you are reading AND includes a link back to the original piece. As you can see from the screenshot above all you have to do is highlight the text you want to share. Immediately a blue arrow appears to the right of the highlighted text and when you click on that it creates a separate box and gives you the option to share via LinkedIn or Twitter.  It even enables you to share with Groups you are in and send to individuals you think might enjoy the article. Once done you carry on reading the article.

This will really help you share more with you network, raise your visibility and establish your personal brand as one that is valuable to know.

P.S. If this sounds like too much or you are having trouble knowing where to start with LinkedIn, it’s hard to know what the right actions are to get the right results and its a steep learning curve that you don’t have time to take. One of our brand  LinkedIn packages might be the answer

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