How to Stay Anonymous on LinkedIn

I was recently asked, “Can people see when you looked at their LinkedIn profile?”

The simple answer is yes IF you have not changed the default privacy settings on your profile.

I often see it recommended that you have your profile switched to full view all the time. The argument is that after all this is a networking platform.  However, as you know when you look to see “Who has viewed your profile?” on your own account not everyone does this.

There will be times when you want to look at a profile anonymously, for example;

  • When you are a job candidate and want to look at the profile of the hiring manager before making an application to see if there are areas of common connection that you could leverage
  • A potential lead for new business but you don’t want to flag to them you are interested until you know more about them

To see how to change the settings watch a video I quickly made by clicking this link LinkedIn – How to Hide Your Profile When Looking at Others on LinkedIn – hope it helps.

Do you have a LinkedIn question? Hit reply and ask away and I will find the answer for you and perhaps even include it in a future tip and maybe even shoot one of these neat videos for you. 

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