I Hate My Job!

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When they do not want something or they are trying to make a point why do people feel a need to
sometimes be rude, nasty and downright offensive?

A point in case happened at the weekend, my wife was away and I was on Daddy duty so I took my two kids to Niagara Falls for the day – my son had seen the aviary earlier in the year and really wanted to visit – it was well worth it.

The disappointing part of the day was the customer service experience riding the 89 year old Aero Cable Car across the Niagara gorge above the whirlpool that forms at the bottom of the falls rapids – quite a unique natural phenomenen.

In getting on the Aero car the 'ride customer service' person was obvously recounting his set speech for the 3,000th time this season – and it showed – I could hardly hear a word and the rapid monotone
delivery did not endear me to listen hard.

He spent the whole of the first half of the trip telling people to stay off the ends of the aero car as he had instructed (except no-one had heard him) and then before the journey back he had us all shuffle around the car so we had the opposite view going back.

Probably at least 50% of the car was non-Canadian tourist and did not speak English – so he proceeded with the usual approach to dealing with non-English speaking customers – talk louder and slower!

He then proceeded to tell us it was not rocket science and to 'come on people get with the program'.
I noted his name but could not find anyone with an interest in hearing my 'story' – they will have to get a written version.

Perhaps he hates his job, or was having a bad day, perhaps he is in need of the 'Get Your Personal Brand in Gear' program to identify what he really wants to do.

But what seems to be painfully missing from many customer interactions is that whilst it might well have been his 3000th trip this year – it was mine, my kids and probably most of the people on the car first and maybe only trip – you might be telling 'your story' in an interview or networking meeting for the millionth time – but the person listening is hearing it for the first time – so make your experience an experience.

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