I’m bored! – Could you survive without technology?

Polar Dip
"I'm bored" were two words that were not uttered once on our recent family vacation at Camp Wanakita.  In today's hyper connected world this was perhaps even a little more unusual as our children had deemed the week a 'No Technology' zone.  No I-pod's, Laptops or Blackberry's.

It certainly was not a case of 'Survivor' but we survived!  In fact we thrived and perhaps even lived a little more. I will admit it was hard at times, not every family at the camp had decided the same course. But overall it was a really enjoyable and fun experience, not to feel tied to an e-mail or phone call. We also got to try new activities and sports, that perhaps in other situations, we may not have got off the sun lounger or drag ourselves away from the screen to try.

We even got up every morning to take a swim in the lake and earned our Polar Bear Dip badge! And yes I did do it even though the photo suggests I am wrapped up and dry, I was responsible for getting the hot chocolate and coffee each day!

Technology is our world and for future generations and is a key tool in the communication and management of your personal brand. But there are certainly times and opportunities to not use it and have a greater impact and reward.

What can you be doing this summer to do that? Do you plan to try a tech no-go zone on your next vacation?



4 thoughts on “I’m bored! – Could you survive without technology?”

  1. I agreed completely. Last year on a one week vacation I stayed away from internet and emails for a week, although it was not by choice. But at the end of it nothing has changed or missed, everything was going as usual – rather this opportunity provides me a broader perspective and make me less dependent on digital connectivity.
    Next time I’ll do the same – by choice! so I could stay connected with the dirt on ground rather then getting lost in a digital cloud!

  2. Great points Imran, I found little had changed and what i had I could not effect as it had already happened.
    I do not think it too much to ask to have a week or two out of 52 that re-connect to you rather than a piece of technology!
    Just my toonies worth

  3. Paul,
    I could feel the “freedom” just reading your blog. We experienced the same thing when we were in Ireland, London and Paris last year. Being unconnected helps you appreciate the best things in life: family, friends and nature. Kudos to you!

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