I’m Stuck in Philly!

A trip for some client training in Philadelphia turned a little reminiscent of the move “Planes Trains & Automobiles” due to the snowstorm back in Buffalo.


The training wrapped up on Wednesday, the same day as the storm and all flights were cancelled back to Buffalo. I was put on standby for the next morning with the next available firm seat being Saturday!!

One cancellation and four standby bumps later I gave up and hired a car to drive the 400+ miles back.  A few hours later the airport was closed for a while after a crash landed plane- thankfully no-one was hurt.

The staff at US Airways had a very difficult job those two days rearranging hundreds of seats and dealing very well with unhappy passengers. But what astounded me is the policy of US Airways that they only consider issuing a refund for the unused ticket portion, not definitely. We shall have to wait and see.

Philadelphia brands itself as the City of Brotherly Love and is really looking to position itself as a go to destination. As part of that push between two of the terminals is a long wall with a collection of headshots of the rich and famous with “I’m in Philly” signs held up.  I took a couple of photos of them and posted them on my Facebook profile, you can see them above.

Perhaps US Airways might want to reconsider their tagline and change it to “I’m Stuck in Philly”!! Looks like its upcoming merger with American might not be soon enough!

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