Is a personal brand really all about consistency?

I was asked recently by a newsletter reader that if you are wanting and intending to deliver a strong personal brand as the front to what you do how do you go about not dropping the ball? Is it just consistency, making a plan and (trying) not to deviate from it?
In building a strong brand I recommend that you try to stick to the 3 C’s;
Clarity – be sure that your message is clear, resonates with your ideal audience and speaks in their language.
Consistency – you hit the nail on the head! Everything you do, say, action, display, etc.  has to be a reflection of what you say your brand is. Remember an email, voicemail, face to face conversation, environment, presence and a million other things are all reflections of your brand.
Constantly – work on this all the time. Bursts of brand development or communication and then doing nothing for 3 months do not work. People are far too distracted to remember you forever, keep working on your brand until they cannot do without you.
There are some caveats to this;
  • Be persistent – not everything is going to work, or be successful or get the result you want the first time. Don’t chase the next shiny object too quickly.
  • Be flexible – what you learned today, or what worked in the past may not apply tomorrow. Be ready to change and be the change.
  • Be humble – bragging in an authentic way is ok, but also remember what got you to where you are and acknowledge who and what helped you.
  • Be ready – be ready to tweak, be ready to pivot and be ready to blow it all up and start again.

And ultimately Be Brandtastic!

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