Is It Best to Look Back or Forward?

This was a question I was wrestling with my 2019 planning.

You probably struggled with reading almost anything, anywhere over the last few days without stumbling across an article about habits, goals or resolutions or a combo of all three.

To be honest I started to find it all a bit confusing. Perhaps I am making it more than I should.

BUT there certainly seems to be some disagreement over the best way to approach this.

  • Some recommend that you start by looking back on the past year.
  • Others say only look forward setting huge goals and shooting for the moon.
  • Yet others claim that goal setting is the worst thing to do.
  • And a few tell you not to bother doing any of it!

I finally settled on a combo of reflection and goal setting, but this year I decided to add a twist by not setting specific goals. I have put in place a series of habits that I am (hoping) will help ensure that I achieve an overall goal.

For example, rather than set myself a goal of losing xx lbs this year I have put habits in place like healthy eating, daily exercise and abstaining from snacking with the belief that the lbs will look after themselves!

What about you?

Have you set about some planning for 2019 and if so what approach have you taken?

Wishing you and your families a fantastic 2019 regardless of how you start it!


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