Is someones personal brand getting up your nose?


If someone is getting up your nose, then it may be on purpose as a way to influence your perception and connection to them. According to a recent Bloomberg Business Week Article there is a growing industry in the creation of ambient scents associated with brands and customer experiences.

I can distinctly remember many years ago hearing about the UK supermarket retailer Tesco was reported to be pumping the fresh baked bread smell outside their stores to attract people inside. Now it appears this is a growing trend and big business with companies such as Fiat, Foot Locker (sweaty sneakers??!!) Abercrombie & Fitch and an umber of major hotel chains looking to get up our noses!

Certainly you might associate a particular fragrance or perfume with someone you know and you cannot beat the smell of freshly ground coffee in your favourite store.

But what about a smell for your personal brand? What smell would you like to be associated with?

2 thoughts on “Is someones personal brand getting up your nose?”

  1. According to author Judy Dutton, men are attracted to the smell of pumpkin pie mixed with lavender, while women are attracted to the smell of cucumber mixed with the candy Good & Plenty. She claims that a spicy floral scent makes women appear about 12 pounds lighter than men. The article is in today’s Toronto Star.
    Interesting to note how/if companies are jumping on the human pheromone bandwagon; apparently there is a lead researcher from Vienna who is a pioneer in his field, whose name escapes me.

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