Is your boss not listening?

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Listen A question posted on the forum that I regularly contribute to asked about what to do with what sounded like a narcisistic boss. Here were my thoughts;

Unfortunately situations like this are not as uncommon as you might think. Sounds like your supervisor is either inexperienced or has been trained in the old management model of control and fear.

Short of leaving to find a better situation and assuming you are not alone in being dealt with this way here are some thoughts:

– find someone with longer tenure who works or has worked in the past for this supervisor. Did they find similar things happening? How did they deal with it?

– what are your supervisors expectations? Do you know in detail what your key performance indicators (what you are going to be judged on) are?

– if she is prone to passing the buck, hate to say it but make sure you cover your butt just in case things get ugly. After she has outlined what needs to be done and you have agreed what she needs to do to help you do that confirm it in an email with dates for completion etc.

– if she is being insulting then you need to call her on it. Tell her that you do not feel that is necessary and you do not appreicate it.

– start networking internally to find another position working for a leader not an unconscious incompetent.

Do you have some other ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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