Is your personal brand as mad as a hatter?

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Yesterday my kids went to the "Mad Hatters Green Tea Party" – it wasn't serving green tea (at least my two did not drink it!) – it was actually a fund raiser for the local Green Party candidate.

It is likely going to be a long time in our local constituency before the Green Party gets a real chance to elect an MP – given that there are enough Mad Hatters around to fill the void.

But the local candidate is obviously a long term thinker and is considering where the votes might come from in 10-15 years – hence – engage them now with fun activities and a green message and let it percolate with them for a few years.

Now there is some out of the box thinking about who your target audience is and how can you get your message across, of course they came with parents that are likely to already lean green in some way – but getting the next generation – that's smart thinking and not about immediacy.

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