Is Your Personal Brand Ready for 2011?

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In my business 2010 has for me been a good year, on par with 2009, which was particularly pleasing as 2009 was my best since starting Square Peg over 7 years ago. But what has been even more fantastic this year has been seeing my wife Keri develop in to a very capable and successful business owner and leader. Last week I was so proud as she entered in to qualification to be a Regional Vice President for Arbonne, a skin care and wellness company – from nothing, just 16 months ago, she will be responsible next year for a sales operation that will likely generate over $1 million.

I would say that a lot of her success has been due to finding what went and worked well for her in the early stages, set some new goals and then really being focused and going for it, it is amazing not just what she has achieved personally but also in helping a number of other women start to realise their own business success. She even got me looking after myself better and using skincare on a regular basis, I have to admit the products work great!

(BY THE WAY – QUICK ADVERTISEMENT! – Stuck for those last minute gift ideas? Check out the Arbonne site by clicking here and then contact Keri directly ([email protected]) quoting Square Peg and she will give you 35% off your order or she can tell you about the other great offers she has).

So how has your 2010 stacked up, is it a year that you can celebrate about, like Keri, or is it a year you would rather see the back of? Either way you need to take the time to wrap up the year and then be ready to embrace 2011.


I firmly believe that 2011 is going to be a year full of fantastic opportunities for those who are ready and open to being the best personal brands they can be. In fact I am so excited that I am going to be running a very special program starting just before the holiday break that will help you identify the good things about 2010 that can set you up for a fantastic 2011.

The "Review Your Year with No Fear" program is going to delivered virtually via e-mail and blog FREE! as my gift to you – no charge, no hidden extras, no small print, yours to take advantage of and also pass on to anyone else you feel might benefit.

There is going to be a optional 3 month follow up coaching program starting on January 1st 2011 "Get Your Year into Action", open to a limited number of people, which will take the work you do with the earlier program and set some objectives, goals and actions to make 2011 your best year ever.

Details of both programs will be coming out shortly, to be on that announcement send an e-mail with "Best Year Ever" in the subject line to [email protected]

 What kind of year do you see 2011 shaping up to be? Take a moment to add your toonies worth below.



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  1. Sounds like Keri used the principles from the book “Peaks and Valleys”, on learning from her habits that made her a Success, allowing her to climb her personal Peak 🙂
    May both of your successes continue to grow in 2010, Paul. A Merry, Safe, and Healthy Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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