Top 5 Steps to Review If Your Personal Brand Needs to Go Back to School

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”
Albert Einstein

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This week sees the return to school for children here in Canada. I am especially grateful as my two have returned to education here after a year in Bermuda. For many there is a mix of excitement, trepidation and relief – and that is just the parents!

It used to be all about learning the 3R’s. Today children have many more options and challenges as well as a lot more to learn than just three R’s!

September is often the start of a new year for adults too, from formal education programs and courses to revisiting (or dusting off!) the goals you set in January.

This is time to take a moment to check how your personal brand is answering the 5R’s;

  1. Relevance – are you right for your industry and vocation? Check what are the ‘must haves’ that are expected to be successful. Then spend time to develop skills that will make a difference and really take you above anyone else.
  2. Resonance – are you valued? Become the person they want and cannot do without.
  3. Relationships – is there a benefit for everyone?  Help everyone’s brand enjoy your interactions and expertise.
  4. Remarkability – will you get noticed? Stand out for the right reasons in the right way.
  5. Real – are you being authentic? Be sure you are being real. Having fun and revealing more of your personal side can help.

The key is doing a little every day. The impact and difference builds.

It’s a little bit like learning your multiplication tables!

What are you doing to ‘school’ your personal brand?

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